Fourier Synthesis

  1. Print this tutorial.
  2. Your instructor assigned you a number from 1-8. Download the correspondingly-numbered application below (with an "FS" prefixed to the number) by right-clicking it and saving it to your desktop ("save link as"). Double-click the application on your desktop to run it.
    FS1 FS2 FS3 FS4
    FS5 FS6 FS7 FS8
  3. Double-click the application on your desktop to run it, follow the tutorial, and give the completed tutorial to your instructor.

Error message(any of the following)

1) "The application attempted to perform an operation not allowed by the security policy"
2) "The application has generated an exception that could not be handled"
3) "Microsoft .NET Security: The application is running in a partially-trusted context"

Cause: You left-clicked the FS.exe link above, rather than right-clicked it to save to your desktop. You are now trying to run it over the web rather than on your local machine.

Fix: Right-click the link.