MIOBC 90-5

The Crew

MIOBC members standing by shed

Taking refuge from the Sierra Vista desert heat between exercises.

The Mascot

MIOBC members on a hike

Paul Azevedo on a forced march, carrying the class mascot on his ruck.

Hurry Up And Wait

MIOBC members in shed

Waiting out a freak rainstorm after the Leadership Reaction Course.


Jesse Back pjback@macomb.com
Jay Banwell ("Manuel") wpa8aa1@mo-ngnet.army.mil
Chris Bentch Christopher.Bentch@us.army.mil
Donald DeBlanc dldeblanc@argolink.net
Dennis Deeley dennis.deeley@ny.ngb.army.mil
David Knight dkni461@ecy.wa.gov
Gordon Matthews gmatthews27@yahoo.com
Diane Moody MIA
Rick Norlander aviatorrick@hotmail.com
Angeline Sanders MIA
Jim Squire www.jimsquire.com
Teresa Thompson ("Biscuit") MIA
Jim Triplett MIA
Travis Voels travis.voels@us.army.mil
Gary Westbrook (Debbie, Clay, Ethan) MIA